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 predictions is something we all have thought about at some time or another. This page is full of them. It cover’s some very interesting topics. We all have our own thoughts and opinions. Sometimes these opinions are not the same. That is what makes this topic below so interesting.                                                                                                                                                                                                            PREDICTIONS:  IF YOU THINK EDUCATION IS EXPENSIVE TRY IGNORANCE.

Every inhabitant of this planet will be confronted with the danger of paying the eternal price. It will be for lack of knowledge. But how many of us will escape? As the Second Coming of Christ approaches the world will literally be placed under siege. It will be on account of the widespread proliferation of false theories and about last-day events. And while the world is heading for such a crisis, the level of prophetic awareness will be lacking. This will result in  massive delusion of ALL NATIONS and lead the world into IDOLATRY AND DEVIL WORSHIP! .Being a church member is no escape route. Being snatched away in the rapture to escape the tribulation may not be the eternal assurance we think it is!
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As the enemy is plotting to hold the world captive at his will, Christ will engineer a rescue plan. He will salvage many captives of the New Religious Order. His chief aim in the final crisis is to assemble a special army of end-time Christian warriors. They will be fully equipped, and devoted specifically to the purpose of accomplishing Satan’s overthrow. In the final sequel of the great controversy, you will discover how much of a battle axe  this paramilitary group is.And how they will rip the kingdom from the enemy’s grasp, and hand it over to Christ.                                                                      You will see the provision God has made for all those who remain faithful to Him during this warfare. You’ll see how important a role the knowledge of prophecy will play in preparation for Apollyon’s onslaught.

PREDICTIONS: Here’s What You’ll Learn From The

 How to use the mathematical formula A=B=C, therefore A=C to solve some of the most difficult Bible prophecies that most prophecy students are still trying to wrap their heads around?






  • Why the strict adherence to Bible instructions is the SINGLE MOST POWERFUL TOOL in prophecy study?
  • What is that most deceptive doctrine of all time that is setting up millions to take the mark of the beast and not be aware of it?
  • 14 immovable principles in Biblical interpretation that will accelerate the speed of learning and make your prophecy study a breeze.
  • The 12 leading false teachings in Bible prophecy that is misleading our laypeople and creating confusion in our churches.
  • The real reason behind Pope Benedict’s resignation that mainstream media did not report.
  • Which of the existing Canon Laws of the Roman Church will MOST DEFINITELY be exercised in the implementation of the mark of the beast system? (Unbelievably Shocking!!!)
  • The single event that will change the world forever and set the stage for the establishment of a new religious scheme.
  • How will the present Sabbath/Sunday worship arrangement in the Christian culture be affected when the New Religious Order is set up?
  • What will God do to counter the effects of the New Religious Order and set it up for a crushing defeat EVEN BEFORE CHRIST RETURNS?
  • What is the ‘close of probation’? And why is it so important that you make the RIGHT DECISION before it occurs!?PREDICTIONS