Name Brand Pocket Books

Name Brand Pocket Books,Purses,Clutches,or Hand Bags, or whatever you may call them,all at wholesale prices. Everyone that i know loves matching hand bags. With these wholesale prices you can have one for everyday of the week and then some. This is an awesome site. They have all the top name designers at sale prices. Any color,style, and name that you can think of.

Name Brand Pocket Books

    Name Brand Pocket Books

This is an awesome site that you should check out. If you are like me and love all the big designers name brands but hate to pay outrageous prices, then this site is for you.. They have any name you can think of like,Michael Kors,Prada,Chanel,Fendi,Gucci,Coach and thats just to name a few. Just think the money you save on your Name Brand Pocket Books, you can buy yourself a new outfit.

This will also make a wonderful gift for someone special with the holidays around the corner. Or maybe you know someone with a birthday coming up and would love to surprise them with a designer handbag. No matter what the reason , you can’t go wrong with this company. They actually can save you up to 80% on a single purchase.. Wow, how awesome is that.

Finding Legitimate Suppliers of Name Brand Pocket Books is Not Easy

  • Many legitimate suppliers have little-to-no presence online, often known only to industry insiders
  • Many legitimate suppliers do not publicly disclose the Name Brand Pocket Books they carry
  • Much of the merchandise you see advertised online is either for fake or non-existent goods, making it very difficult to know whom to trust

Many Suppliers Selling “Authentic” Goods are Selling Fakes

They’re selling what’s called ‘7 Star’ replicas or ‘Mirror Image’ replicas. And these aren’t just any replicas. They’re top-of-the-line knockoffs made in China which come complete with authenticity cards, dust covers, and even serial numbers. They look so much like the real thing, many people can’t tell the difference.

And get this: I’ve taken some of these replicas to a major department store here in the United States and been told by their sales person that they were authentic! That’s how good they are. Granted, they didn’t fool every sales person.

So you have to be very careful when dealing with suppliers of designer goods, especially those offering wholesale designer handbags. If you don’t know this business very well, it’s easy to be duped. I know people with good intentions that have bought and sold replicas—thinking they were selling the real thing—for months without ever knowing. The problem: this merchandise is illegal (even if you tell your customers it’s fake, it’s still illegal). It’s ‘trademark infringement’, punishable by law.

Authentic merchandise is much harder to come by and isn’t nearly as readily available wholesale.

Name Brand Pocket Books

Con Artists Are Rampant in this Industry

The demand for wholesale Name Brand Pocket Books and other designer goods is high and the supply is relatively low, if we’re talking authentic product. Because of this fact, this industry is rife with con artists.

In fact, most of the offers you see online advertising authentic Name Brand Pocket Books on sites  are for fake merchandise or non-existent goods.

The con artists behind these operations can be very convincing, with elaborate websites, price lists with pictures of inventory (stolen from reputable sellers), and phone numbers. Yet, when you pay them for merchandise—typically with a wire transfer or money order—they disappear.

Many people get scammed buying designer goods wholesale. If you don’t know this industry well, it’s very easy to get taken. I can’t stress this enough


Name Brand Pocket Books