Black Ops Hypnosis 2.0

   hypnosis black ops is very interesting to me. But to some people it is full of controversy. Which in return makes them skeptical.This page has a lot of believable statements and also dark secrets of the society who wrote this. If you want to discover the most controversial and Effective mind control then you’re on the right page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I know you came here looking for answers, so let’s keep this simple!

This site is NOT like all those other hypnosis sites out there.This site will teach you something different… It will teach you the  controversial and the most EFFECTIVE hypnosis and mind control.These  techniques have turned the heads of hundreds.And guess what? People are talking for a reason. But before we go any further, I must give you this warning: This is advanced mental technology. If you’re looking for “A Beginners Guide To Hypnosis Black Ops” you won’t find it here. On this site you’ll find how to mind control anyone you want, any time, any place, and  without them knowing.hypnosis black ops


Here’s the storyMind Control was never just something was interested in. It was always something I was obsessed with. For years I was looking for the real “secrets” of mind control but they just didn’t seem to be out there.I wanted to learn the secrets of mind control that hardly ANYONE knew about.The secrets that would let me do stuff like:

  • Mind Control someone into finding me instantly attractive.
  • Make someone instantly forget ever meeting me.
  • Mind Control into being so fascinated by me they can’t get me out of their mind.

I wanted to have that knowledge, the kind of power that would let me do anything.But every course, every book, every audio I could get my hands on was all the same. It was old, outdated and rehashed information that never really taught me anything.

Every single piece of information I ever found was useless.

hypnosis black ops

The Phone Call That Changed My Life

The phone call was from a friend of mine.This friend owned and operated two auctions.And in one of his auctions someone was selling a box of old books.One of the books was an old, hand written journal of about 80 pages of intensely powerful information.Secretly working to turn hypnosis black ops and mind control into a something new, something a lot more powerful.This small subculture revolved around one man who was only known as “The Professor”.He was the most worshiped persuader in this secret community.It showed how to manipulate social situations and how to control anyone’s mind. A lot of the techniques in the journal, he had come up with on his own. 

These people had NO CLUE who I was so why would they want to tell me anything? And it’s not like I could just pick up the phone and call them, you know? After all …I didn’t even have a clue who any of them were.So why would they even want to talk to me? So after a few weeks of searching the internet, trying to find anything that might help me find them I told myself there was no way I could get in touch with these people.So I should just forget about it.hypnosis black ops

Fortunately, I Didn’t Forget About It

I read those same 80 pages over and over again every night. I was so obsessed with it, even my wife started to think I was crazy.After weeks of reading the same thing over and over again my focus started to change to the three blank pages at the back of the journal, and what appeared to be a few pages that had been ripped out. It was then that I notice one of the blank pages had a few words of text imprinted on it so deeply into the paper they were almost embossed on the other side.The imprinted words were from what was written on one of the pages that had been ripped out.I could just about make out the details of what The Professor was calling The Dark Shadow Technique

This Is Where It Gets Strange…

I got a reply back from him in about 2 minutes. And the weirdest part was he told me he’d been expecting me and he actually hypnotized me by email! It was completely insane, and when I finally got to meet him he explained how it works. It’s crazy. I mean, just think for a second what you’ll be able to do once you know how to hypnotize someone just by sending an email. It makes your life a lot easier, believe me. And before I had it done to me I NEVER would have said it was possible. But it happened. And hypnotizing someone by email isn’t even one of the more advanced techniques! This group of insanely focused individuals had the most powerful knowledge you can ever imagine – all broken down and backwards engineered into a step by step process.                              hypnosis black ops

Here’s What This  Means For YOU

It took months before The Professor fully trusted me and excepted me as one of his own. But it was all worth it and my determination paid off for both you and me.Here’s what I mean.I was so obsessed with learning this stuff and mastering these powerful techniques.I mean think about it.The Professor literally WROTE THE BOOK on Dark Side Hypnosis black ops and Mind Control.He was LITERALLY the one who invented it.I knew if I could just get close to him and beg him to teach me my life would never be the same again.                                   So after months of begging him to let me under his wing he finally agreed to meet me.To this day I’m sure the ONLY reason he met me was because I told him I found the Journal. 


hypnosis black ops

But That’s Not What Happened

First of all I used a slider to trigger the “Empire Man.”I instantly infuse my core with rock solid, unshakeable confidence.(This one belief altering technique will instantly let you build massively powerful core confidence. Your life will be transformed by this one technique alone.)Then I used something called The Dark Shadow Technique, which in hindsight, was too powerful.I know you’ve never heard of The Dark Shadow Technique.This is because it’s part of Dark Side Hypnosis black ops and only a few people in the world know it. 

hypnosis black ops

You CAN Control Anyone You Want Instantly

But only if you take advantage of this opportunity today.The reason why is… I can’t share this information with everyone .And I’ll probably be forced to take this site down some time soon.The hypnosis community is already in an uproar about my site.And I’m banned from all the forums, so I can’t be sure how much longer this offer will last.In fact, the only way The Professor would agree to let me make this knowledge public