Home schooling your child can be scary. I chose to do this 2 years ago. When I first started considering this I was terrified. Many questions went through my head. For example, am I smart enough, will I have the time? How will I know what to teach him?  And this is just a few questions that ran through my mind every day. I done hours on top of hours of research before I could decide. I wish I had known about this awesome book then. It would have made my decision a lot easier. At the time my child was being bullied daily and that was my main reason. Everyone has their own reasons. This book will answer a lot of questions for yall. Go ahead and give it a try if you are stuck on a decision. This book will be a huge help.

           HOME  SCHOOLING;Home Schooling

I read up on this article before I decided to promote it. It really looks like a lot of resourceful information. This couple that wrote this guide book spent countless hours online searching just like I did. They really have a lot of helpful information for anyone who may be considering Home Schooling. It would have been very helpful to me when I was trying to decide what was best. I would read an article that would absolutely boost my confidence. Then I would stumble across another article that would break my confidence down. Different things are better for different family’s. Below I posted a lot of frequently asked questions from their site. Some of these were the same questions that I had myself.


1. Are my kids going to get a better or equal education?

2. Will I have the right attitude and dedication to homeschool? Home Schooling:

3. Will my children be socialized enough?

4. What costs are involved in homeschooling?

5. What can be done to homeschool on a budget?

6.Will there be type of state laws or state approval do I need to be aware of?
7. Must I let my state know in addition to us homeschooling?

8. How will I be treated by the state or school administrators?

9. How can I determine my child’s learning style and the best way to teach them?

10. What kind of record keeping is required?

11. How will the state accredit my children’s grade level?

12. What options for college will be available and will my children be eligible for grants and scholarships?

13. What attitudes can I expect from other people and also what can I tell my family and friends to support my decision to homeschool?

14. How do I get started and What start up costs can I expect?


This comprehensive “Homeschooling Guidebook” comes complete with information, tools and support. This is a few of the most asked questions. This guide is awesome and a time saver.



Home Schooling Adapt studies to fit your children’s learning style
Home Schooling Gain control of what your children learn
Home Schooling Put the enjoyment and passion into learning
Home Schooling Build close and meaningful relationships with your children
Home Schooling Provide in-depth, personal attention for the subjects your children struggle with
Home Schooling Customize a schedule that fits the needs of your family
Home Schooling Nurture your children’s interest in subjects they love and excel in
Home Schooling Turn outdoor activities and family vacations into character building experiences

Home schooling is an awesome journey that I wish I had started years ago. It has great benefits that come with it. For example if you or your child is sick ,you don’t have to miss school. You have the opportunity to make it up that evening or even the weekend. Or if you want to go on a family vacation you can carry your work with you or double up when you come home. And the biggest benefit of all is that you know exactly what kind of education they are receiving.

IDEAS FOR HOME SCHOOLING:homeschooling: HomeSchool versus Public School concept, Red and Green street signs with bright and stormy sky background with words HomeSchool versus Public School

Instead of having to keep the attention of 40 or 50 kids you only have one. And of course you will put 110% everyday because this is your child. You can make things fun instead of boring. For instance, you can make a trip to the grocery store and teach them how to budget money. A trip to the store to learn how to manage money can be counted as a grade. They are all kinds of projects that you can do because you will have the time. Unlike a brick and mortar school you aren’t as rushed to finish one subject and go to another. If your child is exceeding in one subject and trailing behind in another, you can focus on his weakest points. If you were in a brick and mortar with lots of students you couldn’t. You would have to move quickly to the next subject.